Vehicle insurance: Why are some workshops more expensive than others?

If you have a car and decided to purchase vehicle insurance to protect it, you know that when there is a failure or it is time for maintenance, you can use the network of authorized workshops provided by your insurer.

However, one of the doubts that always torments drivers is why there is such a large price difference between authorized workshops and individuals.

Quality and guarantee

The answer has to do with two aspects: Quality and guarantee. It is common that when taking the car to a particular workshop, many drivers come out with changed parts or diagnoses that are not accurate, since many times, the available staff does not have the proper preparation.

While this does not happen in all private workshops, there have been cases where drivers have been scammed or with a car with more failures than when entering.

It can be guaranteed in the case of spare parts

It can be guaranteed in the case of spare parts

In the case of authorized workshops, there is a name that supports it, so it can be guaranteed in the case of spare parts, which are original and first-hand, and all information of the origin is available.

Authorized workshops want to stay within the network of that insurer, so they take care not only of the treatment they provide to the client, but also that their staff has the maximum possible preparation.

Service provided or failures were presented


Finally, if you were still not happy with the service provided or failures were presented, you can always submit a claim to the same workshop or to the insurer, since both will be prepared to assist you.

The difference in costs is then due to the guarantee and quality of the service offered, as well as the support of the same insurer.

If you still have no insurance for your car, don’t forget that unprotected driving will be much more expensive. Compare the options using the Good finance vehicle insurance comparator.

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