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Sean Cole pay too much money each year for heat compared to what the home really has potential for, and you can do some different things to fulfill this potential. Here, it does not necessarily have to be large and very demanding renovations that you have to make to save money on the heating bill. For example, it is possible to make a post-insulation in the home, which has more good effects than just reducing the heating bill.

Post-insulation provides less heat and a better indoor climate


When you insulate the home, you will also get a healthier and better indoor climate, as it will be much easier to control the temperature within when the home is better insulated. One will therefore make it easier to keep the temperature indoors at a constant level rather than the temperature within the temperature outside and thereby give many fluctuations. In this way, it becomes more comfortable indoors, without changing and freezing.

In addition, a post-insulation also prevents mold growth in the home. When the temperature on the inside of the outer walls becomes higher with the better insulation, any moisture in the home will not condense as it would have done if the walls had been cool. So when the moisture does not condense, the dwelling will be less likely to develop mold growth.

The heating bill also becomes smaller with a post-insulation, as the home becomes better at keeping the heat, so the heating source must not use resources to compensate for the large heat loss of the home. In this way, the heating source must use fewer resources, which in the long run will be to look at the heating bill.

Save money on the heating bill

Save money on the heating bill

In fact, it is also possible to save money on the heating bill by finding new doors and windows for the home. With many older windows and doors, the insulating capacity will not be particularly good, and as a result, seals in the openings of the windows are not tight, the windows are old, grout cracks or the like. This means that a draft comes into the home, which is especially true in the winter, but it is not certain that one will notice the given feature.

Energy renovation through a loan

Energy renovation through a loan

You do not feel the move, as the home’s heating source works at high pressure to compensate for the draft. By having completely sealed doors and windows, the heating source must not compensate for any traits, thereby saving money on the heating bill. Get advice on energy renovation through a loan.

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